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Quality Parts and On-Time Delivery -
This is what sets us apart from our
competitors. Give us a try and see the difference yourself.

In-house toolmaking - We have over 75 years of experience building cost-
effective, efficient tooling, which is completely under our control to meet your
demanding schedules.

Regulatory Adherence - Our company is proud to maintain ITAR registration and RoHS compliance. We also fulfill all reporting requirements associated with Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act pursuant to Conflict Materials.

Experience with materials that matter to you:

Kovar (Iron-Nickel-Cobalt)
Stainless Steel
Nickel (220, 201, 233, 270 and HP)
Oxygen free (OFE and OFHC) Copper
36 Alloy
42 Alloy
46 Alloy
52 Alloy

Technical Assistance: Let us help your design cost-effective solutions. We put all of our experience at  your disposal, from metallurgy to manufacturing design.
Punch Presses - Over 20 machines, up to 90 tons
and 10 inch stroke. Capable of deep drawing up to 5
inches deep.

CNC Turning Centers - Capable of turning up to 13
inch diameter.

Manual Lathes - For quick, efficient secondary

CNC Milling Center - 22-tool changer with a 16 x 22
inch table.

Manual Vertical Mills and Drill Presses - To
complete any additional requirement that your parts
may require.

Quality System - Based on ISO-900, MIL-STD-45662
and MIL-STD-105.
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Vacuum and Electron Tube parts:
Kovar - Rings, Flanges and Seals

Nickel - Cathode and Anode
Headers, Supports and Weld Clips

Molybdenum - Cups, Heat Shields
and Washers

OFE Copper - Grid Cups, Cylinders
and Cooling Fins

Opto-Electronic Parts:
Kovar - Rings, Seals and Covers

Tungsten and Kovar - Pins

Invar - End Caps, 430 SS Bases and